F-Post: 30+ Fantastic Sets of Flat Icons, Buttons and UI Kits

30+ Sets of Flat Icons, Buttons and UI KitsThis is an F-post: there are a lot of words with the letter “F” in it. Really, we’ll talk about Flat web design, it’s Friday today, and it’s Funny, so why not :) .

Finally, a fabulous set of flat icons and UI freebies is finished for our friends and followers! For me, flat design is a very fruitful trend. First and foremost, it focuses on fundamental features rather than decoration and ‘furniture’. Any facet of flat websites (a ‘facade’, footer, even fonts) looks fresh and fashionable. Flat design forms a new flow with better media flexibility. Where will the flat be in five years? I can’t forecast. Just a few years ago Flash was among favorites too. Even FPhotoshop might finish like those fools (sorry, tools) for which the future firstly was “forever” but in fact they were forgotten much faster than formal farewell with them or their official “funeral” took place. However frankly, I feel flat design isn’t just a fad, it’s here to stay.

Enjoy the fair of flat icons below, use them in your next fantastic flat web design, and stir up the flight of your fancy.

Flat Icons

1). Free download: 12 Flat SEO icons
by Ben Moss: “This set of 12 flat SEO icons is perfect for adding a light-hearted and playful tone to sites.”

2). Free download: Flat but not flat rounded social icons
by Ben Moss: “Flat design is all the rage, and trend-conscious clients are beginning to ask for redesigns to meet the current fad for all things flat.”

3). Ultimate Collection of Various Helpful Flat Icons Packs from 2013
by admin: “Today I have completed a comprehensive collection of various truly valuable flat icons that were released during this half-year. You will find icons for social media, mobile apps, navigation and much more.”

4). 20 Free Flat Icon Sets
by Paul Andrew: “…today we have some more flat resources for you, namely free flat icon sets.”

5). 35 Beautiful Free Flat Icons Sets that You can Use
by Rahul Chowdhury: “Flat icons are a new trend in designing UI, and they are perfect if you are looking for a good and minimalist design to capture your audience’s attention, and nothing can be better than a collection of some awesome and beautiful free flat icons.”

6). Exclusive Freebie for Noupe’s Readers: Freepik’s 200 Beautiful Flat Icons
by Dieter Petereit: “Flat Icon Set: 200 Symbols as PNG, AI and EPS.”

7). 20 Flawless Flat Icon Sets Which Works Perfectly On Any Modern Graphic Design Project
by Bogdan: “Below you can see a collection of 20 flat icon sets which will help you create a fluent visual navigation.”

8). Flat icons: More than 3600 icons
by admin: “it is time for some free icon bounty, for today it’s a softly colored yet vibrant flat-styled iconset comprised of more than 3600 flat icons. (without counting the 3 sizes included) Free for commercial or personal use.”

9). 6 Blue Flat Icons
by Michael Reimer: “If you like flat UI, these elements are for you.”

10). Flat Social Media Icons
by Michael Reimer: “10 beautifully flat designed social media icons.”

11). 48 Free Flat Icons by Pixel Fabric
by Enfuzed: “These 48 free flat icons are brought to you courtesy of Lukas Jurik of Pixel Fabric.”

12). 24 Flat Icons (PSD)
by Jan Dvořák: “4 flat style icons contributed by super-talented Jan Dvořák. The PSD includes all 24 icons which are fully layered for easy customisation.”

13). Epic Flat 510+ icon set
by EpicShop: “I plan to make it the biggest flat icon set on the web so will be adding 20+ icons every week.”

14). 48 Flat Icons
by DAJZAFREE: “CREDITS: Lukas Jurik.”

15). Adobe CS6 Custom Flat Icons Freebie
by Adrien de Broglio: “In this pack you will find custom CS6 software icons, Files icons and Filetype icons with some nice soft colours.”

16). Flat Icons Freebie
by [removed]

17). Social icons – freebie
by Pierre Borodin: “Nothing special just only social icons.”

18). Flat Icons Brownie Theme
by Sunbzy: “I want to eat a brownie while working. and trendy flat icons
is hot right now.”

19). 100 Flat Icons for Graphic Designers
by admin: “100 flat icons pack come in 11 different sizes from 16*16px to 4096 to 4096px and in .PNG format.”

20). 3D Flat Icons
by Blues design

21). 35 Flat Icons and Web Elements for UI Design
by Yasir Jawaid: “…a huge collection of Flat Icons, UI Kits and Flat Web Elements for user interface designing.”

22). Flat Jewels Icon Set
by admin: “Pack contains 133 different icons.”

23). 40 New and Free Icon Sets
by Speckyboy Editors: “…all of the sets below have been professionally designed and are perfect for any project. You will find web icon sets, glyphs, pictograms, mini-icons, social service icons, a few new iOS 7 icons sets and plenty more in-between.”

Flat Buttons and UI Sets

1). Flat UI Kit (free download)
by Ben Moss: “You can use the file for personal and commercial uses.”

2). Freebie: Colorful Flat GUI Set part4
by admin: “Today’s freebie is our fourth part of colorful trendy flat GUI pack… Free for personal and commercial use.”

3). Flat UI Free – PSD&HTML User Interface Kit
by Adrian: “Flat UI Free is made on the basis of Twitter Bootstrap in a stunning flat-style, and the kit also includes a PSD version for designers.”

4). 10 UI Kits For Flat Web Design
by David Martin: “User interface templates such as PSDs or coded GUI files simply allow you to save time on a project. You can quickly build a concept or live prototype which can be super handy if your on a limited budget or time restriction.”

5). Metro UI PSD Set
by Free PSD Files: “Metro UI PSD set containing a large amount of objects – more than 20! We’ve designed buttons, sliders, tabs, navigations and lots of graphics in clean, flat style. Download the whole set now for free.”

6). Flat UI Kits, Best for Web and App UI Design
by admin: “In this roundup you can find Flat UI Kits and Web Elements for Web and Mobile App UI Design.”

7). Flat iPhone 4/5 Mockups (PSD)
by Josh Laincz: “…a set of flat style iPhone mockups, is a sweet contribution from designer Josh Laincz. The pack includes both the iPhone 4 and 5 in a fully layered and scalable format.”

8). Kanso – Semantic Flat Buttons
by Kris Olszewski: “Kanso (簡素), in Japanese aesthetics, means simplicity or elimination of clutter. Things are expressed in a plain, simple, natural manner. Reminds us to think not in terms of decoration but in terms of clarity, a kind of clarity that may be achieved through omission or exclusion of the non-essential.”

9). FlatDSGN – Freebies and Inspiration Resources in the Flat Design
by admin

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