Welcome to DocsCamp

DocsCamp is a collaboration platform. It was never so easy to create and share your documents between team members. Everything cooked for you with love and understanding of your needs. Just a short list of DocsCamp awesome features:

  • create documents using extremely convenient and user-friendly Markdown markup language
  • organize documents into projects
  • give document/project level permissions to your friends or team members
  • award winning image commenting feature just for you and absolutely free
  • share documents by unique public links
  • embed document into your site using simple JavaScript snippet
  • and many many more...



Store all your ideas, todos or drafts organized into projects. Anything of "Nice places to visit", "Cooking recipes" or "Work ideas" is good to go to DocsCamp.

  • make public and private projects
  • give read-only or full access permissions to your friends and team members
  • publish your project as nice looking blog or as image gallery
  • export whole project as a single PDF document
  • sync project content with external RSS feed

Documents/User guides

Create any documents as simple as visit your favorite web-site. Click "new document", give it a name and start typing great content.

  • upload images, video and regular files into your documents
  • all changes are instantly saved, no need to hit any save buttons or worry about lost data
  • find your document quickly by name or content
  • give read-only or full access permissions to your friends an team members
  • send link to your document to someone in one click
  • embed document into your existing web site. Roadmap section is a great example of embedded document.

Image commenting

Award winning image commenting features. It was never so easy to create interactive schemes within regular text document

  • use your mouse to create region on any of document images
  • enter region description
  • enjoy autoscaling region popovers in the DocsCamp and on the published document. Here is the great example for you!

Manage RSS feeds

You can read all your news from DocsCamp


You can see your favorite blogs in timeline mode

Image galleries

Need nice looking gallery to share images with friend and family? DocsCamp is exactly what you need.

  • create gallery project
  • upload your photos
  • write some descriptions
  • publish your project as nice looking image gallery

Web Forms

Using DocsCamp you can build highly customizable web-forms and add them on your web-site

  • create web-form document
  • deploy HTML code of your form into document
  • get embed codes and add it on your web site
  • check your web-form online immediately, for example


No need to use heavy MS Word or learn HTML markup to create great looking documents. We extremely love Markdown for it's simplicity and elegancy. Just add dash before your text to make a list:

- buy cookies
- watch movie
Or enclose text into ** to make it bold, for example
 You **definitely** need to try Markdown - it's awesome
will be
You definitely need to try Markdown - it's awesome
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